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Do you have racing thoughts? Do you find that your body has stopped moving but your mind is on a continuous hamster wheel? Are you pacing and replaying events over in your mind? If so, I am the therapist for you!

Anxiety can be hard to recognize and even more difficult to cope with. Many Americans are dealing with anxiety and don’t even realize it. I utilize a variety of techniques to assist with assuaging and diminishing of symptoms. If you’re willing to do the work, I am here to help you!


Have some of the simplest task become the most difficult task? Do you find it hard
to get out of bed, engage with family and friends, or even pick up the phone?
Have you lost an all-around interest for the things you once loved? Do you find
yourself irritated and offended by most things? Or do you need assistance in
understanding what is going on? If so, I am the therapist for you. Let me lead you
to healing from your depression through therapy.


Life happens and sometimes when life happens, we find ourselves at the receiving
end of some of its negative consequences and happenings. Have you been through
a traumatic event and need assistance in processing what happened to you? Are
you aware of what trauma is? I have been trained in cognitive processing therapy
and would love to assist you in healing your pain.


Is the environment affecting your disposition? Does the current social climate
affect your mood? Do you feel isolated and misunderstood in the workplace and
in society? If so, I am here to assist. I have been trained to be culturally
competent and hope to help assist you in understanding your place and
significance in this world.


Have you or a family member been diagnosed with a mental health illness and
have no idea what it means or looks like? Do you suspect that you have a
diagnosis, but seem to be unsure? Let me educate you. I believe that
understanding is directly related to healing. You can’t heal nor overcome what
you don’t know. Allow me to bridge that gap and assist in being your teacher.
Schedule a psychoeducation appointment with me today.






Ken Kounsels
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