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Greetings! My name is LaKendria Ellis, M.Ed, LPC. I am a licensed professional clinical and mental health kounselor who Kares. I’ve worn many caps, but the best one is that of a kounselor. My personal background revolves around the process I took to uncover and navigate through my own hurt and trauma, while utilizing kounseling to connect the dots. I was hurt and needed help to heal. Kounseling was the key!

LaKendria Ellis



My educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in psychology and biology and master’s degree in Clinical and Mental Health Kounseling. Initially, I wanted to become a psychiatrist, but craved the intimacy of hearing from clients and their experiences. From there, I
began my career as an educator and through that experience, I met a great deal of broken children whose live impacted me in a way that took hold of my heart and shifted my perspective. This led me to deeply ponder the impact these experiences will have on their future lives if they continued in the pain and hurt without experiencing healing. It was there, in that career, that I learned my purpose. I wanted to PREVENT brokenness through healing and kounseling. I often come across a great deal of people and their suffering. A form of trauma that stems from
past hurt going unrecognized or unnoticed. Those encounters shaped my focus that specializes in kounseling depression, anxiety and traumatic life events. I’ve had the pleasure of serving patients from various ages, cultures and backgrounds that has strengthened me as a clinician and I look forward to working with you!

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